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The best "DIY"

Suitable for walls in:
- full brick
- Perforated brick
- mixed stone
- tuff
- sandstones
- gasbeton

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Suitable for walls in:
reinforced concrete

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Consolidating effect!

Suitable for walls:
- full


Consolidating effect!

Suitable for walls:
- full

Additive for plasters,
allows the drying of the wall more quickly!

Flacone antisale zero.png

Reduces the times of reconstruction

DSC_0281 copia.png

Cement-based system
crystallizing dendritic.
Creates a resistant surface barrier
at 7 atm

DSC_0293 copia.png

System based on polyurethane foam suitable for training barrier between wall and ground
(in case of infiltration)

flacone guardian zero.png

Water-repellent high water-based protective coat for
absorbing surfaces such as exposed facades and plasters.

Flacone Nanargentum.png

Anti-mold based on silver
nanometric antibacterial 5000 times
more effective than Ionic silver against the proliferation of bacteria,mosses and lichens.
To be diluted in painting

VMC with copper heat exchanger with 92% heat recovery.
Eliminates mold, condensation and unpleasant odors.
Authorized retailer for the province of Varese.

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