Mold? Condensation? Bad smells?
We have chosen PRANA!

Authorized dealer
for the province of Varese

From 2016 we collaborate with the Prana Italia company to resolve the
problems related to environmental humidity.
In previous years we recommended some systems to our customers
present on the market but, as we were not sure of the result
we have continued the search for an effective and safe system.
After having seen and tested the VMC Prana on some sites
we have chosen to offer it to our customers given the seriousness
of the company and the authenticity of the results listed by Prana

after 40 years of history we had to choose, according to ours
experience, a valid system!
The technical characteristics of the machinery are excellent,
the air exchange system is continuous and does not work in

"cycles", the copper exchanger offers 92% of constant heat

recovery, and thanks to the mini-heating function it is not feared to enter
cold air in the house.

For every situation there is a suitable machine, it is possible to install it in private houses or pools, schools, gyms, etc.
Prana Italia regulates the level of environmental humidity by giving people the right behavior, eliminating the problems caused by the formation of mold, condensation and bad smells deriving from excess environmental humidity.
For the province of Varese, through collaborators, we can in addition to the sale indicate the technicians for the installation.
You can send us documentation such as photos and floor plans to view the problem together and understand which machine is most suitable.
We also invite you to visit the site for information and doubts about the machinery.

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